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Gutex company is a complex supplier for producers of tubular heating elements.
Twenty eight of years of cooperation with greatest and most important producers in Poland give us many different indications and make us really experienced.

Gutex has exclusivity rights in Poland for sale wire and strip of Swedish company Kanthal, we have at own disposal standard diameters of wires and strip for type Kanthal D and A1. We bring on order also remaining assortment of Kanthal company.

We are only and sole supplier of produced by English company Imerys Fused Minerals Hull Ltd . Electric insulator which one is magnesium oxide from regard on one's own wide use is very in demand product by through producers of all kind of heating devices.

German producer of copper tubes .Wieland company is also represented by us in Poland. Wide assortment of production meets with the large interest of many productive companies.

From 17 years we are also distributor of Italian producer AD TUBI , producing tubes from stainless steel.